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Other Interfaith Groups

There are many interfaith bodies in the UK.  One of the most important is the national Inter Faith Network at www.interfaith.org.uk to which many local groups belong.

There are also regional interfaith bodies like our own West Midlands Faiths Forum at www.wmfaithsforum.org.uk where you can find many local bodies listed, though only a few have websites.

Some that do have websites are:

Birmingham Council of Faiths - www.bhamfaiths.org.uk

Coventry Multi-Faith Forum - www.coventrymultifaithforum.org

Leicester Council of Faiths - www.lcof.org.uk

Northampton Interfaith Forum - www.niff.org.uk

Warwick District Faiths Forum - http://www.wdfaithsforum.org.uk/

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