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Agreed at the 1st AGM of SAIF on March 16th 2010

1) Name
  The name of the body shall be Stratford-on-Avon Interfaith Forum, hereinafter referred to as SAIF‘Stratford’ here refers to the area of the Stratford-on-Avon District Council.
2) The Aim of SAIF is:
  respect and compassion through dialogue and cooperation.
3) The Vision of SAIF is:
  We will aim to bring together people of all faiths, in recognition of the value of diversity in our society. We will appreciate similarities, respect differences and learn about one another. In this way we will develop strong and positive links and relationships between people of all generations from different faiths and cultures, for the long term benefit of the community.
4) Membership
  Membership is open to any person of any faith who accepts the Aim and Vision of SAIF as expressed above.  Members agree not to try to convert other members to their own faith, but expect that their own faith will often be deepened by insights from others.  They accept that there are many areas where members have very different views.  Members’ subscriptions will be agreed at the Annual General Meeting.
5) Steering Committee
  This will be appointed at the Annual General Meeting of the membership and shall be no fewer than 4 and not more than 7 persons.
The Steering Committee will be empowered to deal with the day to day running of SAIF, and will maintain appropriate confidentiality about its business.
The Steering Committee will be reviewed once a year at the AGM.
The Steering Committee will work to fulfil the Aim and may form any sub-committees or working groups that it thinks is necessary to that purpose.
6) Application of Income and Property
  The income and property of the body shall be applied solely towards the achieving of the Aim and Vision of SAIF. The Steering committee shall be responsible for the proper management and accounting of all funds.
7) Dissolution
  SAIF may be dissolved by a two-thirds majority of the membership at a Meeting convened for that purpose of which 21 days notice is given. Any remaining funds must be donated to a charity which supports the Aim and Vision of SAIF.
  Any amendments to this constitution can be made by a two-thirds majority of the membership at a Meeting convened for that purpose of which 21 days notice is given.
8) Termination of Membership
  Any member may be removed from membership by a two-thirds majority of the membership at an Open Meeting, if after due private discussion with the person concerned by members of the Steering Group it is considered that he or she no longer supports the Aim and Vision of SAIF.
9) Open meetings
  There shall be at least three open meetings in a year and notice of at least 14 days shall be given. An Annual General Meeting shall be held within fifteen months of the previous AGM.
The Steering Committee may hold meetings as required.
Any sub-committee or group formed for any project may call meetings as required and shall report their findings to the next available Steering Committee for ratification.
10) Representatives from other bodies and agencies
  Representatives from other bodies and agencies are welcome to open meetings of SAIF but will not be entitled to vote on any matters.
11) Quorum
  The quorum for an Annual General Meeting is 20% of the members entitled to attend. The quorum for the Steering Committee shall be at least four of the elected members.
12) Chair
  Annual General Meetings will be chaired by the Chair or a Vice-Chair of the Steering Committee, or in their absence, by a person approved by the members present.
13) Voting
  Each member shall have one vote, if there is an equality of votes then the person chairing the meeting shall have the casting vote.
14) Minutes
  Minutes of all open meetings will be kept and made available to members.  The Steering Group will report regularly to members on its work.
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